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Jean Luc-Godard was the spearhead of the French new wave cinema. He directed films such as breathless, Vivre-sa vie which defied the laws that set the film making precedence and introduced jump cuts. Post world war 2, USA decided to forego the WW2 debt if France opened its market for US products and regulated its own film industry. In defiance, new directors such as Varda, Godard, Rivette brought some fabulous work on the table.
It is akin to asking which is the best flower. Art is subjective in nature. It has open ends and it has space where people can make mistakes and learn from it. So, some people might like Godard, Kurosawa, Majid, Hallstrom, Bergman etc but there are others who like the ones who produce films for mass consumption.
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Post hoc ergo propter hoc

People who are exposed to better film and music tend to like classical arts better. An assertion can be made that those who are exposed to these have parents(someone else) who were exposed to such arts. It depends on upbringing, thus not entirely determinstic.

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