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Italy is left alone

"The European Union is doing nothing to help us"

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Feeling of helplessness euro-skepticism


This argument is supported by far-right and moderate-right parties, and by some Christian groups

The Argument

The Dublin Treaty says that a refugee must be cared for by the nation on which he/she lands. This forces the countries that border with the Mediterranean Sea to deal with the majority of refugees. Greece has strict anti-immigrant policies, and we should start doing the same to force EU members to take action.

Counter arguments

If all the towns and cities in Italy respected the standards disposed by the last government (25 immigrants x 1000 inhabitants) there would be room for everybody. The majority of towns refuse to take immigrants, but doing so they force bigger cities to welcome a greater number of people. Many EU nations actually refuse to welcome refugees, but their governments are strong allies of those who denounce this situation (e.g: Viktor Orban has been praised by both Matteo Salvini and Giorgia Meloni).


"European state members do not want to take immigrants and we must force them to change their behaviour"

Rejecting the premises

It wouldn't be necessary if Italy insisted on the other nationalist governments to take in a fair number of immigrants, instead of supporting them.


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