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Political correctness merely censors views, it doesn’t stop them

Political correctness only prevents words from being said, the motivations and views behind them do not change

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The Argument

Political correctnes has no real effect on the physical outcomes of matters as has no effective on what people truly think or do, it merely makes the Left seem ridiculous in their intent to absolutely minimise offence and taking it ‘too far’. As Robert Longley said; ‘Telling people that it is socially wrong for them to express their feelings and beliefs in certain was will not make those feelings and beliefs go away. Sexism, for example, will not end by simply referring to salesmen and saleswomen as ‘salespersons’. Similarly, refering to the homeless as ‘temprarily displaced’ will not create jobs or wipe out poverty.‘

Counter arguments

Political correctness does actually have an impact on what people think as it changes what is regarded as being an acceptable view and what isn’t. This unconsciously affects everybody and changes peoples perceptions as to what is and isn’t a disrespectful view or description of a someone or a people.


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