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NASA successfully sent 6 Apollo missions to the Moon with a total of 12 astronauts who landed on Moon's surface.Critics imply that all missions were a fake, no men has landed on the Moon and all related photos and videos were actually taken in a studio.
There are several arguments that can prove Apollo programs were a carefully orchestrated plot.
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Astronauts could not survive the trip

It is not possible that astronauts could have survived the trip

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Plot theory Space exploration


There are evidence that radiation present in outer space would have severely affect the atronauts

The Argument

Apollo missions so far have been the only manned mission beyond Earth low orbit. In order to reach Moon space-ships had to cross Van Allen belts. The crossing could have been lethal if not presenting permanent damages to astronauts. Most astronauts did not develop health problems later on that could be related to that.

Counter arguments

Level of radiation of Van Allen belts is not so high that can not be crossed without proper shielding. Most probes/satellite do this on a regular basis


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