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Most countries have unclear legislation about surrogacy and the debate is on. Should surrogacy be legalized and under what conditions?
Commodification of human life is immoral or surrogacy is an exploitation.
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Commodification of human life is immoral. No country allows the sale of human beings.

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Commodification of the mother: Conversely, there are many cases where a woman needs money and enters into surrogacy for monetary reasons. Denies the importance of the gestational process of a mother bonding with her child in the womb Commodification of the child: Denies the importance of the gestational process of a child bonding with his mother in the womb. It makes the child a commodity because the successful embryo are selected from a group of embryos on account of certain attractive characteristics that it has. Consumerism: The artificial production of a child is an extreme form of consumerism. Adoption Is Better for the World: There Are so Many Children in Need of a Home - Everybody knows that the world is 'overpopulated' and that there are many orphans or children who are living in children's homes because their parents couldn't afford to keep them. People have a moral duty to care for the already existing children in need of a loving caring family rather than proceed to make new babies into an already too crowded world.

Counter arguments

Adoption Is Better for the World: Very few countries accept international adoptions.


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