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The Royal Family is a pillar in the British cultural and political landscape. The country tunes in for their weddings, places bets on their baby names and earnestly discusses their wardrobe choices. But with the monarchy's diminished role in politics, is it time we relegate this relic to the annals of history? Or does it serve a greater purpose in modern society?
The monarchy is a valuable part of British public life
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The Royals bring in tourists

The Royal Family are a key part of British history and culture, which many people come to see

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Tourism is a large industry in the UK, and Royal destinations are some of the most significant tourist sights, e.g. Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle

The Argument

Many people are attracted to the UK for its history. The Royal Family is an important part of that, and many people want to visit the places they live. There is a special appeal in that the Royal Family is not just historical, but still functioning today. The British monarchy in particular is famous as being one of the most longstanding, and is famous the world over. This means many people come to the UK and spend money because of the Royal Family, which employs people and contributes to the economy significantly. Abolishing the Royal Family would mean a large drop in tourism, as one of the countries most unique and interesting attractions would be gone.

Counter arguments

Many of the things people come to see could exist without the Monarchy, such as Buckingham Palace and the changing of the guard. If the Royals were no longer in residence, these could be opened more and generate more revenue.


The Royal Family generates money and business for the UK economy. We should keep things that benefit the economy.

Rejecting the premises

Economic benefit alone is not a reason to keep something if it causes other problems.


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