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Political correctness helps us to define the terms and foundation of our society and values.

Political correctness defines the boundaries of our society and ensures the safety of minority groups

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The Argument

Political correctness makes sure we remain within societal boundaries that have been previously established, helping us maintain the previous progress we have made regarding acceptance, equality and inclusivity. By directing people to be careful in their speech we help prevent negative polarisation and the acceptance of prejudices - so that we do not retract onto previous progress in tolerance and equality. The spread of hate crime, extreme nationalism and prejudice can also potentially stem from lack of political correctness in politics.

Counter arguments

It is important for a society to re-challenge the decisions it has made as to what is acceptable and what isn’t. We cant rely on the expectation that ideologies our society is built are necessarily true or right. These ideologies must be challenged continually in order for us to progress. Political correctness removes the opportunity for us to re-debate important issues as it classifies them to be ‘politically incorrect’ and consequently makes the arguments redundant in the public view


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