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AI is capable of undertaking lots of human jobs and tasks, but overall humans are still preferred


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The Argument

Certain factories have already successfully replaced 90% of their human workforce and AI performs complex tasks such as navigating air transit, performing medical diagnoses, and composing new types of music - but most jobs are still for humans. Even in industries where automation represents a cheaper option than human labour, it only takes up a certain percentage of the available work. In supermarkets, self-checkouts are almost always accompanied by human assistants and a series of human checkout workers. While automation may look as though it's close to taking over, in reality it will only ever supplement human work.

Counter arguments

While this may be the case now, what happens when the price of automated work becomes significantly lower than the price of human labour? Why would companies continue to employ humans when self-checkouts are faster, cheaper, and easier?


P1 - Automation is already here P2 - Little has changed since the beginning of its use P3 - It will supplement human labour, not end it

Rejecting the premises

P1 - This is just the beginning P2 - Human labour will become more expensive while automation gets cheaper P3 - It may not end it straight away, but it could well do in the future


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