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Diverse workforces drive profits through innovation

Diverse workforces are more innovative. Innovate companies are also more profitable.

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Innovation is key to profitability. Companies with fresher product portfolios offer more creative and novel solutions sell more products and services, and ultimately, record higher profits.[1] Diversity helps companies achieve innovation. There is a clear correlation between a company's diversity and its creativity, flair, and innovation.

The Argument

A recent study from the Harvard Business Review examined 1,700 companies across eight different countries (the US, France, Germany, China, Brazil, Austria, Switzerland and India). In all the countries studied, it found a positive correlation between diversity and innovation. [2] At the end of the study, based on the 1,700 companies assessed, researchers were able to put a number on the value of diversity. They found that diversity helped boost innovation revenue by 12.9%

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[P1] Diversity promotes innovation. [P2] Higher levels of innovation generate higher profits. [P3] Therefore, diversity leads to higher profits.

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