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Millennials are masters at making money from what they love

Millennials work incredibly hard to make money doing what they love.


Other generations see Millennials spending time doing what they love and think they are lazy and unwilling to work at something they don’t like. But millennials are the masters at making money from what they love.

The Argument

Love video games? Find people to pay you to live stream you playing a game. Love travelling? Write about it in a blog and make money. Millennials devote a large amount of time to monetarizing their hobbies. It doesn’t mean they aren’t working hard, it just means they aren't working hard in your mundane jobs.[1] Millennials have already launched twice as many businesses as Baby Boomers. They work hard. Lead large teams and put the work in. But they do it for what they are passionate about, not just for the sake of it.

Counter arguments

Doing these jobs robs Millennials of life skills like communication, teamwork and business etiquette. Professional gamers and bloggers might have a job now, but what about when the market turns? What will they do when they are middle-aged and there is no demand to watch them play their games because the younger generation is watching younger games play the newest technologies? They will be forced to enter the workforce without any valuable face-to-face communication skills, without any basic understanding of the real workplace, and will be utterly ill-equipped to handle the rigours and stress of a “real” job. Being hardworking isn't just about working hard at your hobbies. Everyone can do that. It is about putting in the work when you don't want to. Millennials, in their unwillingness to work hard at things that don't interest them, are, therefore, not hardworking. They are lazy.


[P1] Millennials start more businesses than other generations. [P2] This is because they are good at finding ways of making money from their hobbies. [P3] Millennials aren't lazy, they work very hard, but only at things they are passionate about.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P3] Working hard at a hobby doesn't mean they aren't lazy. Real hard work means working hard at something you are not passionate about.




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