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International Relations
Millions of people risk their lives trying to cross borders into other countries. Some are fleeing violence and persecution, others are looking for better economical opportunities or to be reunited with family members. But is a world without borders a good idea, if it is even feasible?


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Easing border restrictions would increase the world's GDP because it would allow workers to move to countries where they can be more productive. (1)

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Labour is the world's most valued commodity, and people tend to move to where the work is. (2) According to economists, allowing migrants to move to any country they choose would increase global GDP by between 67-147%. A doubling of GDP (a $78trn increase) would correspond to 23 years of growth at 3%. (1)

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1. Opening the borders would boost the global economy 2. It is good to boost the global economy 3. It is good to open the borders

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