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Having been the loudest voice advocating for human rights, Western governments' evasive stances on the horrifying death of Jamal Khashoggi, a Saudi government dissident, suggest otherwise. In the light of huge economic links and political turbulence, are human rights still valued in western civilization?


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In most cases, Non-western countries perceive international human rights treaties imposed by the West as cultural colonization and a stepping on their domestic affairs, repelled by such theory and practice of human rights exhibited as an act of superiority, which alike any other colonization the western countries undertook throughout the history. Non-western countries would strike back against the West based on the point that, the West itself is acquainted with social injustices, far from being in the state of human rights violations-free. For such reason, the West must act with cautions dealing with the boundary between promoting human rights internationally and intervene on internal political issues of others.

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