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NASA successfully sent 6 Apollo missions to the Moon with a total of 12 astronauts who landed on Moon's surface.Critics imply that all missions were a fake, no men has landed on the Moon and all related photos and videos were actually taken in a studio.
Critics can be dismissed, there are several evidence that proves NASA statement.
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Common sense suggests that Moon expeditons cannot be fake

Common sense can be used without additional evidence

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Common sense space exploration


As in most discussion, one can consider the opposite thesis (fake) on the basis of simple reasoning

The Argument

Space expeditions involve quite a large number of people; so it is unrealistic to believe to involve so many persons in a plot and keep secrecy for so many years. The Apollo programs consisted of several missions (including the ones that did not reach the moon): if the plan was to beat former Soviet Union and showed that US was the first to send a man on the moon why taking the trouble of sending 5 missions after the first successful one. One can also question why Soviet Union acknowledged Apollo's success; if they had reason to believe US cheated why did not they immediately denounce it.

Counter arguments

Only a limited number of people involved in the program was aware it was a fake. The majority were in good faith.


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