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Most countries have unclear legislation about surrogacy and the debate is on. Should surrogacy be legalized and under what conditions?
Conditions regarding the surrogate mother of the intentional parents.
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Only altruistic surrogacy

If no money is involved, than surrogacy is pure generosity.

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Many countries accept altruistic surrogacy and not commercial surrogacy because it's the money part (exploitation of the mother and commodification of the baby) of the surrogacy that seems problematic.

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In reality, “altruistic” surrogacy means that a woman goes through exactly the same thing as in commercial surrogacy, but gets nothing in return. It demands of the woman to carry a child for nine months and then give it away. She has to change her behaviour and risk infertility, a number of pregnancy-related problems, and even death. She is still used as a vessel, even if told she is an angel. The only thing she gets is the halo of altruism, which is a very low price for the effort and can only be attractive in a society where women are valued for how much they sacrifice, not what they achieve.


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