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Humans recommended meat in their diet

As omnivores we biologically demand meat in order to fuel our bodies and gain a sufficient amount of protein

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For many years it had been widely accepted that meat was an integral part of ones diet, as understanding and consideration for the animals sprung so rapidly (Vegan trend quadrupled in the 5 years between 2012 and 2017), the suggestion that we shouldn’t eat meat made people sceptical as to what was so bad about meat. In past years, people ate a lot more meat and therefore the suggestion was rebuked by many with the simple point that we, as humans are biologically meant to eat meat.

The Argument

Meat is a part of the human diet and has been for thousands of years. Meat is helpful for us to maintain constant weight, grow muscle, fuel our immune system, for better digestion, more energy production, healthier skin and bones, improved vision, mental health and for better cognitive function.

Counter arguments

Although meat is useful to us and good to have in our diet, it is by no means necessary. We can lead healthy and long lives just as well without eating meat as with - therefore morally we shouldn’t eat it


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