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Those who oppose PCness aim to make their prejudices acceptable

The suggestion that ‘freedom of speech has gone too far’ is ‘a smoke screen for regressivism and accusing people of political correctness is an active attempt at devalidating them

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The Argument

Those who oppose political correctness aim to reduce Leftist outrage in order to make their prejudice acceptable. Rejection of political correctness in some circles has become an excuse to say outrageous things and its mention can potentially drown out a whole argument. Political correctness is in place so that people are held responsible for what they say and for the information they spread to the public. Those who use the phrase 'stop being so politically correct' aim to rid themselves of that responsibility so that they justify and detach themselves from insensitive jokes, opinions or beliefs. Many believe that by coining the term Political correctness and using it so that it suggests the left's main priority is to please people. In this way the Right created a weapon in order to devalidate Leftist views and politicians.

Counter arguments

It can be argued that many people do believe that political correctness is in fact ridiculous in many cases. People should not focus on reprimanding other's on their insensitivity, rather the issue being discussed. In many people's views political correctness must be actively repelled as it is an attack that aims to slow the discussion of issues regarding inequality and other such difficult issues.


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