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She doesn't tackle the real polluters

Thunberg spends her time lecturing the governments of Europe and North America without mentioning nations like China and India, who are both serious emissions offenders.


Greta Thunberg has called out governments in North America and Europe for their emissions and role in the climate crisis. However, she has not gone to India or China, two of the largest greenhouse gas emitters, and urged them to change their ways. If she was serious about tackling climate change, she would prioritise going after the worst offenders.

The Argument

Great Thunberg filed a lawsuit against five nations over their role in the climate crisis, but notably, China and India were not among them. If she was serious about tackling the worst offenders, they would feature prominently in her rhetoric and legal proceedings. Alternatively, if she wants to go after the worst per capita offenders and persuade individuals to change their way of life, she would target nations like Brunei, Australia, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Qatar before attacking the US. The fact that she doesn't go after either the worst emitting governments nor the individuals with the highest emissions could be indicative of an underlying political agenda.

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[P1] Greta has so far focussed her attention on berating the global leaders of the West over their climate policies. [P2] If her sole agenda was tackling climate change, she would include other prominent emissions offenders in her rhetoric and speeches. [P3] The fact that she doesn't could be indicative of an alternative political agenda.

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