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About us

Hey! We're the people behind Parli. And we wanted to explain what we are trying to achieve. Parli is an "opinion map." We're a wiki: with you we're trying to build a definitive reference library of all significant debates and opinions in the world. Some people think there’s an infinite number of opinions in the world - every individual has a different view, all part of the rich variety of human experience... Well, we don’t! We think that there’s actually a finite number of relevant opinions about anything… Take any argument you can think of - gun control, euthanasia, gay marriage, Star Trek vs Star Wars - and you can probably boil down the core arguments on any side of it in a matter, seriously, of minutes. So what we're trying to do is build something like a map or library of all those arguments and opinions. Once this map exists, we believe it can: a) help us understand the issues a bit faster b) stop us having to go over the same arguments over and over again c) help us better hear the opinions on all sides of a question Why? Because we think knowledge is a good thing, and listening is golden. And we think much of the internet we use today has been designed to accentuate the shouting. And because we believe that wild disagreement is super constructive, but only if it's civil, and everyone is trying to learn. We've told you what we are, let's also tell you what we're not. 1. We're not a debating site. There are ton of those, and they are great - check out Reddit's CMV or (English). We don't want to read your opinion here, we want to read definitive descriptions of the broad opinions out there. and 2. We're not here to judge opinions. We're here to showcase opinions so that you better understand all perspectives, and judge for yourself. If you want to read more about the thinking behind Parli, head over to this short Medium post. And finally, meet our team!