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FIFA, football's global governing body, along with those bodies running the game at regional and countrywide levels are gradually introducing more technology into the game in a bid to assist referees, prevent incorrect decisions and enhance the game's image.

Yes: Technology is great for the game

Anything to help referees get more decisions correct is a good thing.

The recent World Cup showed the difference technology makes

VAR and goalline technology at the 2018 World Cup in Russia worked well Explore

Technology makes the game fairer

More correct decisions leads to a level playing field for both sides Explore

FIFA could and should use even more technology

Why limit technology to only key decisions? Use it for any decision where the referee has some doubt. Explore

Y/N: Technology is now part of the game

Football has simply had to move with the times and FIFA must strike a balance

FIFA had no choice but to introduce technology

The governing body had to react following outcries over bad decisions in big tournaments Explore

Technology is part of the game but it isn't perfect

There is still work to do to refine how technology is used during matches Explore

No: Technology does not enhance the game

Football was fine without technology for hundreds of years. Why introduce it now?

Football does not need technology to prosper

FIFA's claim of minimal interference is flawed Explore

Technology does not sit well within a football match structure

Constant stoppages to review decisions are unwelcome distractions and could put people off Explore
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