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In 2016, over 180,000 migrants reached Italy by irregular means. During the first ten months of 2018, this number had dropped to under 21,000. Although the number of unauthorized immigrants in Italy has been decreasing over the last decade, racial tensions have increased after a mix of anti-immigrant campaigns, fake news and horrific tragedies. As a result, “immigration” is the nation’s most discussed issue. There are currently over 5 million regular immigrants in Italy. The IDOS research centre estimated that the number of unauthorized immigrants would be about 500.000. Many of them are asylum seekers whose claim to international protection was denied. Some can’t go back to their country due to bureaucratic problems, some others receive the "foglio di via" (expulsion paper) but the authorities fail to make sure that they actually leave the nation. What do Italians think about it?

Improve immigration policies

"It's not possible to send immigrants back to their countries. We must find a different solution and help them here"

Help them in their own homelands

We can accept those who run from war, but the other ones should "stay home"

Italy for Italians: halt immigration

This position holds that the Italian national identity won’t be preserved if immigrants are allowed to live in Italy and integrate with the local communities and that some cultures cannot possibly live together under the same laws.

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