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Consuming meat is a big part of some diets around the world, particularly in western food traditions. However, with production being land and resource intensive, and with a number of environmental and health impacts to consider we must ask, is eating meat justifiable?

Yes, we can justify eating meat

Meat has a place in Culture and Tradition

Meat dishes are often integral to cultures and traditions Explore

We support the animal species by farming them

the meat industry means that many species are guaranteed survival due to their value to us Explore

Humans recommended meat in their diet

As omnivores we biologically demand meat in order to fuel our bodies and gain a sufficient amount of protein Explore

It is ethical for us to eat meat as we are secondary consumers

It is only natural fork us to eat meat as we are 'secondary consumers'. Explore

Animals do not have souls or rights

Animals are lesser beings and do not have a consciousness Explore

No, we cannot justify eating meat

Exploitation of (migrant) workers

The meat industry is infamous for frequent mistreatment and violation of workers rights due to the ease with which the companies can replace workers Explore

Animal cruelty

Farmed animals have been proven to have feelings, thoughts, and personalities. On today’s factory farms, they’re crammed by the thousands into filthy sheds and wire cages. Some never see the light of day. Explore

Meat can lead to health problems

Fatty meat can lead to high cholesterol and obesity, both things that contribute to heart disease Explore

Not eating meat could prevent world hunger

We make more than enough food to feed the entire world population, however world hunger is still a huge issue because of the high demand for meat and huge economic gain of selling meat to high income countries. If less people ate meat then the more efficient crops would take their place and feed the entire world. Explore

Devastating effects on the environment

The Union of Concerned Scientists lists meat-eating as the second-biggest environmental hazard facing the Earth Explore
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