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Having been the loudest voice advocating for human rights, Western governments' evasive stances on the horrifying death of Jamal Khashoggi, a Saudi government dissident, suggest otherwise. In the light of huge economic links and political turbulence, are human rights still valued in western civilization?

Yes, the universal norm of human rights still holds strong in the West

Human rights were originated in the West and established as a form of cultural dominance.

Yes, despite Western countries and non-Western ones perceive human rights differently

Human rights in Western standard might not be accepted by other cultures.

Not exactly, Western governments' positions on honouring human rights are selective

The West would not honour human rights consistently if facing the risk of upsetting economic allies.

No. Western governments are hypocrites on so-called belief in human rights

Western governments are holding double or multiple standards on the human rights diplomacy.

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