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There are more than 300,000,000 guns in the United States. Guns have claimed the lives of more American citizens than all the wars since the American revolution put together. With guns holding a unique place in the American psyche, should there be measures in place to limit gun ownership? What should these measures look like?

Only the state should be allowed firearms

Only the police and the army should be permitted to own firearms.

A public health issue

Guns cause premature deaths. They should be treated as a public health problem. Explore

Guns should not be restricted in any way

It is every American's constitutional right to bear arms. The government has no right to limit gun ownership.

The power of the Second Amendment

Any limit would amount to a violation of the Second Amendment Explore

The argument against automobiles

Automobiles kill more people every year than guns but we don't talk about banning them. Explore

Good guys versus bad guys

Bad guys can always have access to guns even if it’s illegal. So you have to allow good guys to buy guns to defend themselves. Explore

Gun ownership should be controlled

The Second Amendment doesn't grant unlimited rights. The government can limit ownership in some cases.

A bump stock ban

Bump stocks, which effectively turn a semi-automatic weapon into a fully automatic weapon, should be prohibited. Explore

Only with mandatory training

All gun owners should be effectively trained on how to be a responsible gun owner Explore

Gun ownership should be limited to over 21s

Only those over the age of 21 should be permitted to own a firearm Explore

Assault weapons should be banned

With no application in hunting, assault weapons should not be available to civilians Explore

A waiting period

Many states have set waiting periods before prospective gun owners are given access to a gun. Explore

Stringent background checks

Your eligibility to own a weapon should be decided by your past actions. Explore
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