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Girls outperform boys across all subjects, in all age groups, and across all racial groups. They secure more university places and suffer fewer disciplinary problems. By contrast, boys are overrepresented in programs for students with special educational needs and account for around 93% of suspensions and disciplinary actions. Is the modern school system designed to benefit girls more than boys?

No, it doesn't

The school system does not benefit girls more than boys. Boys are slower to mature, they also perform better in tests, which is a significant component of schooling. The parts of schooling that damage male learning are not attributable to the system, but to the teachers working within the system.

Yes, it does

As schools have evolved, they have incorporated learning techniques and disciplinary practices that appeal to the ways female students learn and reward their strengths.

Who cares?

Any system will always disproportionately benefit one demographic. There will always be one group that does better. It may as well be girls.

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