Mapping the world's opinions

Be they right-wing or ultra-leftist, Europe has been seemingly swept by a wave of populist sentiment. What does this mean for Europe's democracies, economies and political landscapes?

Yes: Populism should be opposed

Populism is poison to political, economic and social wellbeing in Europe

Populism makes for worse policy

Populism has no regard for the feasibility or inherent worth of any policy it pushes for Explore

Populism scapegoats minorities

The easiest way to get votes is by finding a common enemy Explore

No: Populism should be celebrated

Populism is popular for a reason and can bring great good

Left wing populism is pursuing good policies

Politicians such as Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn are pushing politics to help make a more fair and equal world Explore

Populism is good for democracy

Populism brings greater representation and the will of the people Explore
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