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Since the dawn of the information age, society has worried about artificial intelligence replacing human labour. We are now seeing rapid advances being made in this technology that makes the question of critical importance. What will the future of automation look like, and will AI take our jobs?

No: there will always be jobs for humans

Capitalism will always create new opportunities for human labour

Exponential growth never lasts

AI and computer technology is just like all other growth - it has an end-point Explore

Capitalism won't allow for the end of work

The system is designed to adapt Explore

Labour displacement is normal

Technology has always resulted in the displacement of human labour Explore

Partially: AI will replace many jobs, but not all of them

Society will have to make crucial decisions about the nature of work

People want to work! (but less)

Governments will centrally plan the redistribution of work, directing everyone to work fewer hours whilst being provided a basic income to keep the economy functioning Explore

It's already happened

AI is capable of undertaking lots of human jobs and tasks, but overall humans are still preferred Explore

Yes: AI will fully replace human labour

It will be universally cheaper and more efficient than hiring humans to do the same job

The rate of AI development

The exponential rate at which computer and AI technology develops will result in a massive societal shift - and soon Explore

The singularity is coming

Artificial super intelligence (ASI) will ultimately result in the automation of every conceivable human task, resulting in the end of work for humans Explore
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