Mapping the world's opinions

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Issues are matters that generate discussions involving different positions.

Positions are stances taken on an issue.

Arguments are sets of reasons supporting a Position.

Premises are the main components of the Argument.

Proponents are individuals or groups who have publicly committed to a Position on an Issue.

How are Issues expressed?

On Parli Issues are expressed by two types of questions. Each question has its particular guidelines which you’ll find below:

  1. IXY Questions:

Questions will most often take the format: “Is X Y?” or “Does X do Y?”

Examples might be: “Is a trade war beneficial to the US?”, “Is Serena Williams the greatest female tennis player of all time?”, “Does God exist?”

If in doubt, always frame your question as an IXY Question.

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  1. Maps:

Maps group sets of issues, pointing to the common topic underlying them. They answer the question “What are the issues about?”. For example: “Map: greatest ever footballers” provides a way of grouping smaller level IXY Questions like: “Is Messi the greatest ever footballer?”, “Is Pele the greatest ever footballer?”, etc… because the Map can cover them all.

Maps will always follow the format “Map: #MeToo”, “Map: implications of climate change”, “Map: causes of the Civil War”

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