Mapping the world's opinions

Parli's Core Principles

We believe that healthy debate is good. But in the current environment, it is hard to have quality debates or to explore the different viewpoints surrounding an idea. Parli aims to help people become better informed and equip everyone with the knowledge to form their own opinions. Parli does not aim to persuade or influence that opinion making.

Parli is an encyclopaedia of opinion; its purpose is to map all relevant and important arguments about everything. ‘Everything’ means the big abstract questions, history debates, current affairs and culture, through to breaking news and the quirky (what was The Shining really all about)…

Parli is intended to be descriptive, not prescriptive. That means Parli aims to only record the most important and relevant arguments for any question, not all the infinite possibilities. A point of view needs to be supported by multiple people or sources for Parli to consider it a relevant argument. And it also means Parli is interested in all relevant opinions, not just the ‘valid’ ones. If a sizeable demographic believe that 2+2=5, we need to have that represented.

Parli is designed to catalogue ideas, not to judge them. It is therefore critical that we describe positions and arguments in as sincere, neutral and value-free way as possible - no caricatures, no bad faith. Some subjects are particularly sensitive to people: we treat those, as all subjects, with formal respect.

Parli is a dictionary of ideas, not a debating site. We exist to map the world of ideas: we hope we’ll help you formulate yours, but we’re not a place for you to share your particular viewpoint.

Finally, Parli is a wiki, which means there will be lots of debate about the content and formulations on Parli. All that debate will take place in our Talk Pages. Here, we follow the strictest rules of civility. We engage in debate about ideas, not against individuals who have contributed. Ad hominem attacks of any sort will not be tolerated.

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